ETS Traps

Electronic Timing Systems Traps.

We offer timber ETS traps that we manufacture ourselves in our workshop.

We manufacture one style of ETS trap and then adjust the housing for the antenna pad to accommodate the Unikon, Bricon and Tauris electronic timing systems.

Manufactured in quality WBP plywood, which is untreated, with bob wires and folding landing board to the front.
To house a single antenna pad the trap will measure 14 ½” W (ext) x 7 1/4 “D x 12 ½” H £57.00
To house 2 pads forming a double unit the trap measures 28“W (ext) x 7 1/4" D x 12 ½ “H £71.00

For 28” antenna pad the trap measures 29 1/8” W ((ext) x 10 ½” D x 12 ½” H £71.00
For 19” pad the trap measures 20 1/8 " w (ext). £64.00.
for 11" pad the trap measures 12 1/2 w *(ext). £57.00.
for 6 1/2" pad the trap measures 7 3/4 " w (ext). £50.00

4 field pad - the trap measures 23 ¼” W (ext) x 8 1/4” d x 12 ½”h £67.00

We recommend that the trap should be treated for weatherproofing before installation.

The ETS traps are shipped ready assembled.

Trap Type: Price: Quantity:
Unikon 14 ½” W (ext) x 7 1/4 “D x 12 ½” H £57.00
Unikon 28“W (ext) x 7 1/4" D x 12 ½ “H £71.00
Bricon 16 ½” £50.00
Bricon 11" £57.00
Bricon 19" £64.00
Bricon 28" £71.00
Tauris 4 field pad £67.00


PLEASE NOTE: We manufacture all our ETS traps with the bob wires to the REAR of the trap and have the housing for the antenna pad (s) under the walkway so that when the trap (which is part of the loft) is closed pigeons cannot be timed after racing. This complies with the current rule 241 of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association rule book which states:
The positioning of the ETS sensors/antennae will not be allowed on any landing boards or other external surfaces in such a way that when the loft is closed no electronic chip ring may be recorded by the Electronic Timing System installed.

Please note:
For Welsh fanciers racing under Welsh Homing Union rules (which state that the racing pigeon has to be confined within the loft before being timed) our traps can be made with the bob wires to the FRONT of the trap.

This allows the pigeon to enter the loft through the bob wires and is then timed in.

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