Timber Training Crates


Our timber training crates are manufactured with plywood sides and a mesh top. There is a end opening for easy access, one top opening and an inbuilt grip handle. They are light to carry being approx. 3kg in weight.

32” W x 16” D x 10” H at £55.00. They will accommodate approx. 15 - 18 pigeons
36” W x 20" D x 10” H at £65.00. They will accommodate approx. 15 - 20 pigeons.

A routered groove on the side opposite the release door, so a drinker can be hung, can be made for £4.00 extra and we have basket drinkers available to purchase. This opening is helpful in training pigeons, especially youngsters, to drink from a basket so they are more likely to drink from a basket before being released in a race.

Also available for all types of crate are:
Wire mesh floor grills which are removable for easy cleaning - £15 each for the smaller crates; £19 for the larger.
The grills allow the birds' feet to remain clean as they cannot stand in their own droppings. Shavings/newspaper can be laid under the grill to catch the droppings keeping the crates clean.

All training crates are shipped fully assembled.

Our timber crates are extremely popular because they represent good value for money, and they are nice and light to carry. We have sold several thousand over the years.


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